Dmitriy Zasyatkin is the Founder and Director of Inreach Solutions, which develops the amazing software known as SAM for adoption and foster care service providers.

Husband & Father

I love my family. My son teaches me patience and amazes me with his rapid development. My wife is always there for me and keeps me from going crazy.

Cycling Advocate

Cycling is now my favorite excercise, but its far more than that, it’s a lifestyle. Its fun, feels great and will be completely necessary during the future gas shortages, that are gauranteed during our lifetime.


I feel a calm bliss, whenever we wander away from the man-made and into the natural splendor.

Its becoming harder to enjoy nature as mankind, especially corporations, naively abuses it. We have to fight to keep our last remaining bits of nature untouched.


There is no better way to work out your body. Low impact, but as strenous as you make it. You will learn to breathe better and increase oxygen to your brain.

I used to spend hours each day in the gym weightlifting. Now I never touch the weights, and feel more powerful and limber.


If you can get all the nutrients your body needs from a whole foods diet, why do we think that we need to eat animal flesh?
The latest studies show that even that even all natural meat can cause cancer.

Since weve stopped eating meat, our food variety grew, our taste buds opened up, and our bodies feel lighter.

Thats an Ethiopian dish in the picture.

TED Talks

Brain Food! Basically, you have free access to brief talks from the world’s most briliant minds on an endless amount of topics.

Hook up a computer to your TV so that you can sit back and watch these great talks with your friends.

Helping Others


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